Arduplane doesn't work with xPlane 10

I have a problem with my APM 2.6 using Arduplane firmware 3.2.0 HIL mode with x-Plane 10.

I did firmware download by MissionPlane and did all x-Plane configuration but when i set STABILIZE mode, the aircraft crash. The ROLL, PITCH, AIRELON made a cycle max and min and the airplane without control.

I don’t know what happening!!

I found the problem!
The problem was in MissionPlanner reverse servo options.

When I set reverse roll, pitch and airelon checkbox in the MissionPlan, the ArduPilot can’t control the airplane.

It was necessary inverter controls only in the radio. I use Specktrum DX5.


Hi pauloalmeida,
thank you for your post.
I am experiencing the same issue and also using Spektrum DX5.

Did you reverse the controls in Mission Planner --> Initial Setup --> Radio Calibration ?
Or was it on the Spektrum DX5?