Arduplane autotune lost control of elevetor and rudder

autotune with my aileron work fine i did flew it for 5 mins ans save parameters. next turn is tuning with my elevetor after couples of turns suddenly i lost control of elevetor and rudder switch it manual and land the plane safetly no crash. anyone help me please. i restarted the plane and push the botton works fine again…

Check for gremlin on board, or post dataflash log if you wish anything but wild guesses. :slight_smile:

i tried to upload here but its not working. can i send it to your email please?

bin i can only upload the photo.

share via google drive, or
I can’t guarantee/tell whatever I , or somebody else will take a look at it, but logs are essential :slight_smile:
heres the log please check it for i really need to know where is the problem coming from thank you

I only had a quick look now, I could not spot a place where pitch or elevator output did not look sane, could you point out where it happened , or describe better the attitude it was “stuck” at ?
when you say you lost elevator, did it sink/climb , what, for how long ?