Arduplane 4.5.4 Matek F405 Wing V2 CRSF not connecting

Hi, I have read that after 4.1.5 version crsf stopped working. When you input controlls they don’t get displayed in the radio calibration section.

I have tried flashing it to 4.1.5 however now I cant connect my ublox gps because it requires 4.3 or newer versions.
All parameters as per instructions tx to rx , rx to tx,serial 7 used (tx2 rx2)

Please help, how can I make inputs show up in 4.5.4.

Did you try: BRD_ALT_CONFIG,1


Its the same that happens to me.
I tries with serial1 and works finde.

I also run that board, switch to USART1 (serial1). USART2 has no DMA!
Ignore the wiring scheme from Matek.