Arduplane 4.3.7 SITL problem with Flaperon on auto mode

My simulation in auto-mode is OK but Left Flaperon (Flap function) doesnt seem to deploy…

My simulation set-Up:

Servo1: Left Flaperon
Servo5: Right Flaperon
Servo5_REVERSE: 1
Servo7: Automatic Flap/ Manual flap (I have tested both, is the same thing)
RC7_OPTION: 208 (radio input channel for flap)

During descend from 50 meters to ZERO, right flaperon (RCOUT 5) deploys as FLAP (OK), left flaperon (RCOUT 1) NOT.

Left flaperon (RCOUT 1) deploys when on ground, at an altitude of 0 Meters (TOO LATE)

Aileron channel seems GOOD, infact AETR.Aileron deploys as FLAP at correct time.

Any Ideas ?

See pictures.

After struggling a little, I have arrived to this conclusion.

If RCMAP ROLL = 1, than RCOUT 1 is seen always as aileron channel.
So, for flaperons to work, I have to move both on channels 5 and 6, because channel 1 is not recognized as flap by FC.

The only thing is that, for simulation in auto-mode to be good, I have to set Servo1_function = 4, even if there are NOT servo attached on channel 1. This seems so strange to me, but if I set function ZERO or Passthrough on output channel 1, the simulation goes crazy.

Now, RCOUT 5 and RCOUT6 act like they should:

Flight controller, in the simulation, is sending PWM signals on channel 1 but NO servo is supposed to be on this channel.