Arduplane 3.8.2 airspeed sensor issue

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The post says:

Arduplane 3.8.2 problem with new airspeed sensor MS5525.
i have main issue with airspeed sensor is not maintaining the proper auto throttle management.
i am not very familiar with airspeed sensor even i don’t know how to calibrate the sensor in proper every time i go for testing had same these kind of issue.
every boot up airspeed calibration offset value is keep on changing ,even ARS_SKIP CAL value is disabled.
with the new sensor everything working on ground is fine ,but when i thorough it in the air the value of airspeed sensor is varying from 15 m/s to 56 m/s .its was happen in stabilize mode ,when i change to loiter mode throttle is not working.
some times i had this with old ms 4525 sensor also .
kindly give better solution to tune the airspeed sensor.
i don’t know why please help me any one . i have attached bin file also.

He then said in the comments “Sometimes it’s working fine but most of time it gives lots of issue” and I then asked for the i2c wire lengths, he said 250mm.

recent @kd0aij discovered a problem with airspeed calibration that may be part of the problem. The fix will be in 3.8.3, probably next week.
That is unlikely to be the whole problem though. Can you provide a DF log when you saw airspeed varying between 15 and 56 in flight? Can you also provide some photos of your airspeed sensor installation, especially showing the tubing and placement of pitot on airframe?

I’ve got your log from the facebook posting. It really looks like you likely have bad wiring on your sensor.
The key giveaway that it is an electrical problem is that the ARSP.Temp temperature reading has errors.

I also notice your power supply is not good:

that is far too much voltage noise.
So I recommend you look into your power supply, and your i2c cabling.
Cheers, Tridge

is this problem solved?
Now im still struggle to enable my airspeed…
im using digital airspeed from hobbyking but seem no reading after enable the airspeed…

anyone have same problem with me?