Ardupilots for commercial use

We are using torqeedo electric propulsion system…we intend to use autopilots for commercial use so what may be your @rmackay9 suggestion for autopilot’s specifications for commercial usage ex-autopilot’s operating voltage,ports,sensors and commercial certification.
And in our case multiple boats maximum of 10 boats operated in a particular perimeter and we need to moniter those boats in a single system .whether we can do that using single sytem? if possible can you give any suggestion on that? Or for every boats we need a separate system to moniter? And in this case vehicle to vehicle communication is mandatory or not? Is any platform to perform that?
If anyone worked on this can give suggestions.

Hi @Robot_Core,

The list of supported autopilots is here and I’m afraid I have no further advice beyond what I’ve already said. Like I’ve said before, there are many options and as a core developer I can’t favour one autopilot vendor over another so stop asking me the same question over and over in different places please.

We have some advice here on the wiki re using multiple vehicles together.

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Really sorry for that @rmackay9 ,and means a lot for your patience.

where are you located? If in the US checkout mrobotics they have some great flight controller (FC) but a bit spendy although everything now is quite a bit more spendy. I would 100% get a F7 or even better yet a H7 FC they will have the capacity to have all the new features that would be coming down the pipe. The wiki is getting very good now so start browsing it, it has so much info. what is your end state goals may help decide what FC you need as some have more features than others?

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@fuego i was located in India.thanks for your suggestion, i’ll chech on that. our end goal is transportation in lakes and rivers where there is no roadways transportation.