Ardupilot Wiki how to contribute documentation

The documentation about how to contribute to the wiki is a little thin ( unles I cant find it). What is the correct approach, clone the wiki from github and build a local version. Or what?

Yes that is best way to do it while you are learning wiki syntax and so on. Clone, test on your local setup that everything looks good and commit to your repository and make PR to upstream repository. Also put details on your PR that you have tested locally and it looks good.
We will be working more on this documentation. Hopefully soon we have automatic test system that you can post your commits and test there.

I have the same issue. I built a local version of the Wiki, but cannot publish or make pull request because “I don’t have permissions” to do so.

So far, trials for contribution have been quite painful. I have a couple of contributions to make (e.g. how to use the RST tools for wiki editing, how to setup Qt Creator IDE for APM Planner and ArduPilot on Windows and Linux). I already spent more time on finding out how to contribute than on actual contributions. Frustrating !

No one needs permissions to open a pull request - and it looks like you already opened one:

True. But that’s directly on the website.

When I type the following on the command line:

git push --set-upstream origin branch_name

Then I get:

remote: Permission to ArduPilot/ardupilot_wiki.git denied to benenaes.
fatal: unable to access ‘’: The requested URL returned error: 403

I assume that 403 means “forbidden” (standard HTML error code)

What am I doing wrong here ?

The same happens in my local GitHub client (for Windows)

You are trying to push to the Ardupilot repository, to which you don’t have permissions. You already have your fork, you need to clone it to your PC and then push your local branches there. After you have your branch in your GitHub fork then you can make the pull request.

Thanks for the (patient) reply, Francisco !

I was a bit too hasty reading the instructions in the first place. I managed to make my first bigger pull request.

Probably the process is quite standard for seasoned open source contributors, though IMHO common-wiki_editing_guide.html could be a bit more verbose at some places (more focussed on how to start and less links to avoid information overload).

Congratulations on making the PR and thank you for your contributions, help is always appreciated.

Regarding the instructions you are probably a perfect person to improve them. When you know how to do things it is sometimes hard to make instructions for people that don’t, often you will miss steps that look obvious to you but aren’t for other people. So feel free to submit a PR to improve those instructions.

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