Ardupilot vs Alexbuyval-Ardupilot :Gazebo SITL installation

I am using instructions to install Gazebo SITL simulation.

The first instruction is: git clone However I already I have SITL installed from

jh@jh-Lenovo-Ideapad-Z50-70:~$ git clone
fatal: destination path ‘ardupilot’ already exists and is not an empty directory.

Do I need to reinstall alex’s ardupilot over the previous ardupilot build ?
How is Alex’s ardupilot build
different from the regular build

Also will these instructions work on ubuntu 16.04 ? The article recommends ubuntu 14.042, however documentation normally lags development. Is ubuntu 16.04 currently supported and where can I find the installation instructions for gazebo sitl on linux 16.04?

Alexbuyval branch is outdated. But you can make it works by cloning it in another directory or adding it as new remote on your current ardupilot git.

I should works on ubuntu 16.04, but it is ROS based. I don’t remember if it works with ros-kinetic…

We are currently update gazebo plugin (see : ) It should be ready soon .

Hello, what is the current status of the gazebo plugin?