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ArduPilot UnConference 2019

(Luís Vale Gonçalves) #1

If you ever used SITL for ArduPilot, you surely recognise this flying field (CMAC). What you don’t see in SITL is the attendees of the 2019 ArduPilot UnConference having a break from the talks.

The talks will be available soon at the ArduPilot YouTube channel.
Stay tuned, and keep flying :smiley:

(tridge) #2

It was a really great event! Some really good discussions on what we’re doing this year and a lot of flying fun.
Many thanks to Luis for volunteering to put together the videos!

(darrell) #3

I had a great time! It was fantastic to meet everyone and hear the details of all the incredible work that goes on.

Some photos I took:

and a video of the Lynx Quadplane being tested at Canberra Model Aircraft Club

A HUGE thank you to everyone who worked hard to put together such a wonderful event.

(Bill Geyer) #4

@darrell who’s tandem helicopter / rover vehicle was that?

(peterbarker) #5

On that subject.

tridge thanked many, many people for helping to organise the conference.

To my shame, I did NOT stand up on the last day of the conference and
publically thank tridge for putting it together (I left rapidly to get the
field open for flying, so I may have missed someone else doing so).

tridge does a ridiculous amount of work for this project, and his
coordinating this conference is just another thing on that vast mound of

So: Thanks tridge! I appreciate all of the work you do and specifically
thank you for organising this conference - the trend says it’s going to
get bigger, 'though!

(Ken King) #6

From the local German Beirhaus on the Saturday night

(ppoirier) #7

@mirkix Mirko came with his own German Bier Kiosk ?

(MartinKeilloh) #8

A very very big thank you to every one that makes ardupilot happen,they put in so much work so that I can have fun your all stars to me,ive just moved onto arduplane after yrs on copter but my god so much support,and a very big thanks to Tridge for all he does,im not sure if he sleeps or not but certainly burns some midnight oil,cheers every one

(cala2) #9

What a pitty I live at the other side of the world :frowning: or I try to be there biringing coffe or any other excuse :slight_smile: