ArduPilot UnConference 2019 - The sessions

Hi all,

The sessions at the Ardupilot Conference 2019 were recorded, and we will start publishing them as soon as possible.

The best way is to check this YouTube Playlist

Have fun :slight_smile:


Thanks Luis , really appreciated :+1:

Wonderful !
Thanks for the video @LuisVale

Any chance you could post the slides too? Paul’s EKF talk is really useful, but some of the screenshots are hard to read in the video. Thank you.

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I’m working on newer versions of the presentations that include the presentations, which were not available at the time the videos were released.


edit: the videos were submitted at full 4k, but YT doesn’t like them :wink:

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Very cool everyone well done.

Thanks for posting the videos Luis. I did not see a seperate presentation on the Lua scripting that you mentioned on DSTW or is that in one of the 9 videos you posted ?

Sorry for the inconvenience but had to remove the video temporarily, to fix audio. I’ll add it ASAP (and the re-rendering finishes :slight_smile: )

All other videos will also receive the same audio cleaning, but it was more important to put them out first and then repost with more time to edit and correct glitches on the capture.


Fantastic, thank you!

Lua Scripting video is online now.

Also the other talks have the slides presented in a better way.

Again thanks Luis for doing this and of course a big thanks to all the developers that make Ardupilot and the community possible.

thanks a lot,
we ned to keep the comunity alive

Just moved one of the most important sessions of the UnConference to public status

Have fun

and comment here please :slight_smile:

Thank you.
Really very important for me