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Ardupilot source code ported to Freescale I.MX6Q hardware platform

(Amovlab Co. Ltd.) #21

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(James Pattison) #22

It’s always good to see something come to market: is this shipping with ArduPilot though?

(Amovlab Co. Ltd.) #23

For now the shipping is through Amazon. You can contact us on Amazon or by
We hope to cooperate with ArduPilot soon in shipping when possible.

(Amovlab Co. Ltd.) #24

You can please also provide your contact information and we will contact you

(Dave) #25

I think the question is what firmware is it running not the shipping source.

(Amovlab Co. Ltd.) #26

Currently it is running the PX4 firmware

(Dave) #27

So it’s not Ardupilot. Well, what to say about “Ardupilot source code ported to Freescale hardware platform”?

(James Pattison) #28

I’ve flagged that post as off topic.
@amovlab can remove it, or I will.
I’m really happy to see developments get to market, but in the context of this thread and forum, it’s not really appropriate.

(Amovlab Co. Ltd.) #29

Sorry the error here was that this post should have been done independently and not a sub post under this topic

Ardupilot source code ported to Freescale I.MX6Q hardware platform

We are talking about two different products here
The freescale I.MX6Q hardware is based on Ardupilot
But the Prometheus 100 visual drone is the one running PX4
We hope you understand.
We will try our best to avoid such errors in the future
Once again we appologize

(ppoirier) #30

Could you please delete the prometheus post above so it does not create confusion?
Thanks and keep us updated of your ArduPilot development
Best Regards

(Amovlab Co. Ltd.) #31

Thank you. We will remove the post on prometheuse 100

(Amovlab Co. Ltd.) #32

Please how do I delete a post on this page ?

(ppoirier) #33

ok I see its removed, thank you