Ardupilot Quadcopter FC using Raspberry Pi Zero


Is there a way to run the ardupilot firmware on a raspberry pi zero? I would like to build a very basic quadcopter and already have a pi zero. I would probably use an MPU-9250 and additional barometer for the sensors, as well as some basic Mosfets to drive small brushed motors. I also have a flowdeck V2 optical flow sensor which needs spi and i2c connections, which is another reason I was thinking of the pi.

Unrelated, does ardupilot need a magnetometer and barometer to operate?

Any help is appreciated, Thanks

Take a look at this, it’s been a long time but you should be able to make it work

Thanks for that. I did see that link before when I initially googled the topic. But the PXFmini project seems to be dead (I don’t believe you can buy it anymore) and so does the Erle Robotics website with the OS image. Also, I was hoping to use off the shelf basic breakout boards like the MPU-9250 and another for the barometer, instead of having a pre-designed board. :sweat_smile:

From what I’ve read, it seems like ArduPilot can just be installed on Linux? But I can’t seem to find much info on setting up the peripherals like the IMU etc (would have been nice if it was rpi zero focussed as well as I’m still a beginner with some of these topics)

I still can’t find whether ardupilot needs a compass and barometer to function either :sweat_smile:


I suggest you read my blog again…it is a complete DIY projecr…

Oh, you did a full DIY version without the PXFmini, I didn’t see that before.

Did you used the OS from Erlerobotics website? if you did, do you have a copy of the Debian Jessie OS for the PXFMini and the raspberry pi zero W, that you can upload? The Erle robotics website no longer works to be able to download it. Or what OS do you recommend?