Ardupilot parameter that tells GPS Lock

From the HUD, the number of satalites and HDOP is displayed. Based on me readings 7 SATS and HDOP less than 1 is good enough and will give you an accuracy of around 2 meter. But having those readings does not mean that you already have a GPS Lock. Is there a way to display a reading when the copter has already got a GPS Lock or its still waiting for a GPS Lock.

I found the following checks in the WIKI:

  1. Radio calibration has been done.
  2. Accelerometer calibration has been done.
  3. Whole bunch of Compass checks to make sure that the compass is healthy. It also checks that the offsets are not too large (Should be in the range of -50 to -150). What parameter stores the compass offset?
  4. Checks that compass calibration is done. Or you turn compass learning on (Not recommended). Why is it that compass learning is not recommended?
  5. Checks that the magnetic field is the appropriate size (APM2 should be about 330 and APM1 should be about 530).
  6. Checks that the barometer is healthy. What parameter tells that the BARO is healthy
  7. If GEO Fence is enables, checks that the is has a GPS locked. My original question.
  8. Checks that the board voltage is between 4.5 to 5.8V

Can I also get some answers on the questions in BOLD letters

Look for GPS status and display it in your quick view.

In YAPPU, there is a message blinking NO LOCK and disappear after sometime. Is this an accurate indication of the GPS Lock?

Please ignore this inquiry. I find that YAPPU is anouncing all the events. Very nice for YAPPU.