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Ardupilot Overview and Promo Video


(Olivier Brousse) #1

A first, now up on Ardupilot’s youtube channel:

If you are at the InterDrone conference in Las Vegas, be sure to stop by at the Ardupilot booth and say hi to several Ardupilot developers present there. T-shirts and bags also there, and the video will be displayed at the booth. On a related note and as many of us know, Ardupilot is also massively present under the hood of professional sUAS and vehicles displayed at the conference.

Many thanks to those dev team members in the marketing group for making the video possible, especially Alex Perez! And Ardupilot partners for helping us with funding of Ardupilot branded merchandise.

Look for upcoming further iterations of the video, along with a competition with prizes for community members wishing to contribute media. Feel free to spread the good word!

(George Zogopoulos Papaliakos) #2

Slightly epileptic, but I know it’s the trend these days. Did you make it? In which software?

(Fnoop) #3

Really great to see the project doing cool things like this :slight_smile:

Like @georacer I find it a bit headache inducing, I know glitch effects are all the rage these days but it’s a bit difficult to look at anything for more than a second or two before it zaps you in the brain. But apart from that really well done.

Might be nice to see quadplane featured a bit more? It’s a huge accomplishment and probably ‘the future’…

(Oldgazer) #4

A total waste of time and effort. Tell the post production crew to put the pipe down and get serious…

(Olivier Brousse) #5

Sorry you don’t like it, Oldgazer. Many do.
Other styles are also planned, including some that will cover the plethora of professional and industrial applications Ardupilot is used and also being known for.

(mike kelly) #6

I don’t like it either. What target audience is it designed for, what does it say to the viewer? Ardupilot is about advanced vehicles that are capable of doing real work in the world. Stable, reliable and versatile. Does it say that? The “engine” that users should look for in their new multirotor aquisition. The group that a vendor should partner with to produce their state of the art new product.

This might be good to present multirotor technology to high school students but I don’t think it would be useful for the professional market. It loses communication in favor of style.

(dazzab) #7

The InterDrone booth looks great and I like the video. Thanks for your time and effort in promoting ArduPilot.

(Marc Dornan) #8

I think this video has its place. It is definitely pitched at a younger audience. It is good to see Ardupilot pushing out some this stuff. It would also be good to see some videos with substance over style as well.

(Perth UAV - Sam) #9

Hmm I like the designs and direction, but I somehow can’t stop thinking there’s a reception problem with the video? :wink:

It will be great to attract people at the interdrone though, a bit like a strobe light if it’s running on a nice big screen.