Ardupilot on Revo Boards

I just want to draw attention to some good work being done by Rcgroup’s NightHawk to make Ardupilot run on Revo class boards. The thread is here:

This means yet another target for the ever versatile Ardupilot. What makes it interesting is that I have felt that Ardupilot is falling behind the curve a little in All-In-One boards. Potentially this opens up board like with integrated OSD, Volt/Current monitoring, logging etc.

Anyhow – this posting was just a pointer to anyone that wants to support and encourage this development. It also means we can potentially run Ardupilot and iNav on the same hardware. I believe Pixracer also can do both as well. For those who enjoy open source autonomous flying, especially fixed wing, this is a welcome development.

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Hello !
The author has already open a PR see : ^^

Thanks for the link. I see this is on the devs radar.

Thanks Marc_Dorman,
Was able to get a little revo up and running.
Seems like folks have done a lot of work.
Its pretty nice to have Ardupilot running on such a crazy small platform.
Thanks again