ArduPilot on CrazyFlie

Above is a video of the first un-tethered flight of the CrazyFlie using ArduPilot. The port was done primarily by Sid with help from Tridge. We think this is the smallest quadcopter that ArduPilot has flown on so far.

Fitting ArduPilot on such a small board is possible because of the recent work to move ArduPilot to run on ChibiOS which improves loop timing and frees up a fair bit of memory, CPU and code size. You can watch Tridge’s talk on the un-conference re ChibiOS here.

According to Tridge, the port itself was quite straight forward but it was a real challenge getting the telemetry and controls working over the somewhat unusual CrazyRadio protocol.

Nicely done Tridge and Sid!


judging by the distance between the propellers, my copter is smaller :slight_smile:

Nice ! Make a small blog post with video too !

Now it in rebuilding into FPV version, even with GPS

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So, have you flew it w/o human input yet?

Hi Sir Randy,

Is there a documentation on the procedure on how to put Ardupilot firmware in the Crazyflie 2.0?

Thank you very much.