Ardupilot on ClubHouse App?

Hello everyone, there is plenty of rooms in the clubhouse app focused on drone-related subjects, like mapping, recreational RC, photography, etc…

I didn’t find any room dedicated to open-source platforms like Arduopilot.

Maybe it will be a fantastic idea to have one and let the Ardupilot folks hang out over there. The nature of the platform could be an excellent tool to spark interest in the open-source development and get the Ardupilot name to new audiences.
I understand that the devs have a dedicated channel for weekly discussions, but this one could be more generic and beginner-friendly.

If there is already a room, then you guys might share the link or the room name. Otherwise, we can start a new one. I can donate few invites for those not on the platform yet :wink:

There’s a general voice chat in Discord. I’m not convinced adding yet another communication option is going to get much traction from the team.

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Thanks for your reply; I think it makes sense.
The reason for my suggestion was the sheer amount of rooms in the clubhouse discussing drone-related subjects. However, it was mainly related to mapping/photography. The number of attendees was also good. I thought maybe the Ardupilot platform could find a new audience at the clubhouse app.

I guess a more practical approach is to stay within the existing discourse platform.