Ardupilot not arming LED blinking red


I have recently accuired an Ardupilot 2.5 cause I want to use it with my quad (built my self).
I didnt get GPS (dont need it yet)
Esc I use: … oduct=4318
Battery used:
Turnety 3 cell 5000 mAh
NOTE: Im not using a pdb Ive conncted all of the esc like the first image on this page:
and I dissconnected the possitive wire on the servocable going from the ESC to the AP2.5

The problem is I can seem to be able to arm it.

when connected to my laptop it goes from fast blinking blue and red to red blinking steadily.
when connected to battery it does respond to the arming procedure more by going into fast blinking blue and red again and then into red steady blinking again,…

its weird cause sometimes it “sort of arms”, that is, it turns on (I CANT control the throttle) but it responds to the the other inputs (yaw roll pitch) I know this because I can hear the motors going up and down in pitch (sound). this is a rare occurrence.

this is what happens:

any help would be appreciated as I have been stuck for a while.

I believe that the copter will not arm without a 3D lock. To obtain a 3D lock you need the GPS.