ArduPilot Monthly Update for Sep 2019

Here is a link to the monthly update for Sep 2019 presented by Tridge and I and a few others at the monthly Partners meeting.

By the way, the left image is from a new Talon build-page added to the wiki by Henry Wurzburg. Henry and Bruno Olivieri have been putting a lot of effort into improving our wiki over the past few months.

The image on the right is from a test of the new NeoPixel LED driver (aka WS2812) driver which will allow users to add some more LED bling to their vehicles (slightly rough video) in the next version of AP.

Thanks very much to our Partners for their support!


@rmackay9 GPS from CUAV?

@a123456, yes the GPS shown with the NeoPixel LEDs is a protoype from CUAV. Hopefully CUAV doesn’t mind me making that public.

Don’t worry, thank you very much for showing our products, CUAV and Ardupilot are friendly partners.