ArduPilot Monthly Update for May 2020

Here are the slides from the monthly report for May 2020 presented by Tridge, Randy and a few others at the monthly Partners call.

The image on the left is Kungsfiskare’s quadplane doing a takeoff from the water (video, discussion) and the image on the right is from mRo’s Nexus autopilot including a high-end IMU.

Thanks very much to our Partners for their ongoing support, we really appreciate it!


Thanks for featuring us! We feel honored!

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Good day, another astonishing board…, mRo is s very high quality Company…, their development team and engineers are always looking for the best technologies, and a big thank you also to their tech support that are always able to help all the people to find the right solution when they need suggestions or small issues.
Another thank you to all the developers who provide us a good and stable software

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