ArduPilot Monthly Update for June 2020

Here are the slides from the monthly report for June 2020 presented by Tridge, Randy and a few others at the monthly Partners call.

By the way, the image on the left is Jean Philippe’s “Plank Wing” plane which has no rudder or vertical stabilizer. Instead it uses the motors for yaw control.

The image on the right is of the very common low-cost HC-SR04 sonar sensor (available from Sparkfun and many many other retailers) which we finally have a driver for. It remains to be seen how well it performs though!

Thanks very much to our Partners for their ongoing support, we really appreciate it!


So the sonar will work directly now? What interface will it have?


Thanks for mentioning me !



Yes, you’ll be able to connect the sonar directly to the flight controller. I think it will be connected to a couple of GPIO pins on the autopilot but for many autopilots a PWM output (aka Servo output) can also be used as a GPIO.

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