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ArduPilot Monthly Update for July 2021

Here are the slides from the monthly report for July 2021 presented by Tridge, Randy and a couple of others at the monthly Partners call.

The images above is from an ongoing project to ensure ArduPilot can handle really long distances including transatlantic and transpacific missions of boats.

Thanks to our Partners for their ongoing support and input!


Is it being used fr those sorts of distances Randy. Thats pretty awesome if it is.


The short-answer is “not yet”.

We regularly see reports of users doing 50-ish km (e.g. Qu-Kai here in Japan) and occasionally a few hundred km (e.g. KH Aviation’s plane is capable of these distances, Ocius boats travel for days) but we haven’t seen any one get close to 1000km yet.

Still, the trend is there and I suspect the first AP vehicle to pass 1000km will be a solar powered boat. There was at least one person on the forums a couple of years ago building what looked like a solar powered surfboard to cross an ocean.

BTW, if people want to test long distances in the simulator it is fairly easy using Mission Planner and you can speed up the simulation by setting the “Extra command line” to “–speedup=20”

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