ArduPilot Monthly Update for Jan 2023

Here are the slides for the Jan 2023 update presented by Tridge, Randy and other dev team members at this month’s ArduPilot Partners meeting

The image on the left is of the Jumper Xiake 800 Quadplane

The image on the right is of the new UM982 GNSS chip which uses the L5 band and can provide yaw if two antennas are attached. It remains to be seen how well it performs against competitors including the UBlox F9P but it is at least interesting to have more choices.

As always thanks very much to our Partners for their support and engagement!


Hi. I’m Max from Ukraine.
Let me introduce first.
I’m new in flight controllers and copters build.
Now I assemling heavy quadrocop from the ground using T-motors, Cube Orange, Herelink and GNSS TOP-982 on UM982 chip as additional GPS module.
Here we have excellent ability to check and test GPS work :slight_smile:
I have a good skill in CNC machines, HMI controllers, electronics etc.
Have basic skills in programming.
So my testing copter flying allready. It takes 3 day job with battery welding, searching wires and connectors and reading manuals.
But GNSS module still no work and it’s really sad.
I would like be added to Beta-tester team if you don’t mind.
We will test SW in craziest enviroument :smiley:

UM982 support is in “Master” firmware version 4.4.0 dev , so it will be like using Alpha software, you may encounter bugs or unexpected behaviour.

GPS_TYPE needs to be set to
24 UnicoreNMEA
25 UnicoreMovingBaselineNMEA
depending on your antenna arrangement
and you may need to set the GPS_MBx parameters


Thanks, man!
I tried install 4.4.0 but something went wrong with hex file
Now I installed arj file with no problem
Changed “GPS Autoconfig=0”
Set GPS1 type=24
Reboot and yah-hoo!!!
It’s work well
I remember that it’s A-SW, so will test it carefull.
Thank’s guys for great job!