ArduPilot Monthly Update for Jan 2020

Here is a link to the monthly update for Jan 2020 presented by Tridge and I and a few other devs at the monthly Partners meeting.

By the way, the image on the left is of a Quad Tailsitter by Mark Whitehorn (simulator video, discussion) and the image on the right is from Leonard Hall’s recent work on S-Curves for improved navigation in Multicopters and Rovers.

Thanks to the Partners for their support!


many thanks

can we use now the arduplane 4.0.x with frsky passthrough ? (as you advertised of risk of crash)



I think Plane-4.0.3 has the fix to the FrSky passthrough issue and this is still in beta testing. My understanding is that it will likely complete beta testing within the next couple of days as long as no issue come up.