ArduPilot Monthly Update for Dec 2019

Here is a link to the monthly update for Dec 2019 presented by Tridge and I and a few other devs at the monthly Partners meeting.

By the way, the image on the left is for the MegaSquirt1 EFI system (ArduPilot now supports this device). The image on the right is of @zhangsir’s minature helicopter (blog, video).

We’ve said it before but we really appreciate the support we get from our Partners! Thanks!


How awesome would this be:

Observer: “Your telling me there’s an automotive fuel injection computer flying that quadcopter up there?!?!” {points up into the sky}
You: “yes, with Ardupilot we can do that”

In reality the Megasquirt is probably more suited to a rover, but awesome all the same.
I couldn’t help thinking we might see a V8 nitros Porter at the next Outback Challenge, or maybe some 4 cylinder turbo hexacopters - not realistic of course but the Megasquirt provoked those mental pictures.


Thanks for the update and hard work guys

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