ArduPilot Monthly Update for April 2020

Here are the slides from the monthly report for April 2020 presented by Tridge, Randy, James and a few others at the monthly Partners call.

The image above is from Peter Hall’s amazing work to implement Pong on a ProfiLED using Lua Scripts (sponsored by CubePilot). The video makes an appearance in the Developer Conference video on Lua Scripting. Support for these LEDs is expected to be released with Copter-4.0.4.

As always, thanks very much to our Partners for their support and engagement!


Hey @rmackay9
Where can I find slides from Developer conference?
Thank you!

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Hi Randy, please could you elaborate a bit more on the COMPASS PRIORITY feature to be tested in 4.0.4?

Is there be a fallback to the secondary compass if the primary fails or data is not reliable?


this is just awesome