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Ardupilot Log Analyser


(edge540T) #21

it’s my log or rcin and rcout does ever rcin graphic?

(Hugues) #22

Very nice tool and thank you for sharing this for free !
It works on Chrome, but not in internet explorer. Will you support IE too ?
As a last word, don’t let you be distracted by the current mainstream US paranoia on being spyed on by everyone and everybody which contaminated this thread even, hi-jacking the focus out of your excellent job.

( .) #23

Those who don’t have real information will always see it as paranoia. Once they start seeing what is really going on out there, their skin starts to crawl.

Yes this is an excellent tool, and it looks awesome, but I have signed a Code of Ethics which compels me to spread cybersecurity awareness in situations which warrants it.

(Artem Skorsky) #24

Thanks you very much Hugues. it works on IE as well, i have attached photo . and it parses data as well. maybe you have some problem on IE? it works faster in Safari and Chrome

(Matt) #25

People still use IE?? :smile:

(Artem Skorsky) #26

it is the best tool to download Chrome :smile:

(Hugues) #27

This is what I get with last IE version on windows 10:

(Artem Skorsky) #28

it is old version of IE… try IE Microsoft edge

(Hugues) #29

Edge is another browser and it works but used by a minority (less than 4%) while IE is second after Chrome with 13% (Chrome has the majority with 59%)

So you should still support the last version of IE (version 11) :slight_smile:

(Dave) #30

It runs in Brave, that’s all I care about. Nice work!

(Artem Skorsky) #31

why you would like to use iE specifically/

(Hugues) #32

Just a habit, it is the one I use.

(chris rey) #33

thanks, it works great even without uploading to the server, all the job is done in the browser, no parano :smile:

(Ronald Pandolfi) #34

Is there a self hosting version of this tool?

(Nathan E) #35

The tool is excellent… I use it all the time. I would really like to see the ability to graph on the right axis for values that are not on the same scale.

(edge540T) #36

Yes, a button to set al values from 0-100 or base 10

(Shawn) #37

Please also add the option to display units, meters, degrees and so on. They’re not always needed but sometimes handy.

(Christian Metz) #38

It is an excellent and easy to use tool to help advanced users analyzing logs to find errors, enhance systems and optimize parameters.

Thx to the programmers spreading this for free, it looks like a lot of work to develop.

BTW: Estonia is part of the European Union which has a very advanced data privacy act. Regarding the safety aspect I can understand some doubts, but if you have ever seen how many data is saved and mined regarding your mobile phone usage, in my opinion this tool is not a problem at all for most of us.

(Christian Metz) #39

Estonia is since 2004 part of the European Union. Regarding privacy and security I would in any way prefer an European hosted server than one from any other region in the world (except switzerland :slight_smile: ) And no, I am not from Estonia, I am a german.

(Satoru Sasaki) #40

DroneePLOTTER works fine on Chrome on Android! Very handy, thank you!