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Ardupilot Log Analyser


(Artem Skorsky) #41

Thanks for nice and valuable replies, new updates on DRONEEPLOTTER will be available soon.

(Bill) #42

Thank you for this interesting project!
Is there a possibility to calculate average? E.g. I want to see average current of 10sec time period.

(Bill) #43

No way to calculate average? Any alternatives?

(Nathan E) #44

Use the total current chart. Find the current drawn at time=0 and at time=10. Divide the difference by 10, and you’ll have the average miliamps drawn during that time.

(Bill) #45

Thanks for your answer but that is not exactly what I am looking for. When I want to know the average current or voltage of a specific time period, I need to consider all values of that time period. I mean summarizing all values and dividing by their number. So not only the difference. When it is a long time period, it is hard to do it manually.

But I found somebody that helped me creating a matlab code that creates an excel file where I only have to chage the beginning time and ending time of what I am looking for.

(Nathan E) #46

It’s mathematically the same though, so you can pick the current consumed at any time without having to export the data. I think it’s easier and more accurate during longer periods… your denominator is the number of seconds.