ArduPilot in WSL2 and Flight Gear issue

Hi everybody, I’m new in this community and I’m so happy to being a part of this great community.
I’m trying to use ArduPilot in my Windows machine with WSL2, I’ve done installation according to wiki and as far as I know it’s working fine in WSL2 environment, I can use “ --map --console” without any problems but I want to use the sitl with Flight Gear to see what’s happening in 3D env. By Mission Planner I can connect to sitl working in WSL2 and it works fine too, when it comes to Flight Gear it doesn’t connect to my sitl I think this is causing by the line in ‘fg_plane/quad_view.bat’ “–native-fdm=socket,in,10,5503,udp ^”
How can I make FlightGear to listen WSL2 env IP over TCP, Mission Planner can connect to WSL2 IP created by VM itself “” vice versa.

And there is another problem I thinh that’s causing by changes in WSL2 that’s I can’t connect to WSL2 through local network from my Jetson Nano. Interestingly I can’t even SSH to WSL2.

I appriciate your help, thank you all :raised_hand: