Ardupilot in the Peruvian Amazon

Nice post from Max Messinger of Linn Aerospace over on Facebook:

"We’re putting this Pixhawk 2.1 to good use in Peru. Powered by AC 3.5 and Here+."

We were excited to have the opportunity to fly the Boiling River in the Peruvian Amazon and help geophysicist and National Geographic Explorer Andres Ruzo with his research. This river is geothermally heated and reaches 90 C at the hottest parts. Here is the orthomosaic and elevation model of the 9 km river.”

Facebook Sources: Here and here.

In addition to their Hummingbird copter, Linn Aerospace web page also features their flying wing (Kestrel) and their gorgeous Albatross 3 meter wingspan fixed wing.

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