Ardupilot in a nanosatellite

Hi there, as anybody already thought about putting an Ardupilot APM in space?
I would easily imagine a raspberry pi + navio board + some I2C instruments (incl. GPS) to make an ideal satellite. Provided a new branch of the code can be adapted to Satellite attitude and control systems.

Would be more than happy to hear from you guys, what do you think?

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Sounds interesting, but is there really a need for something like this?
I think that if you build a satellite, your hardware is so special that you need to program everything anyway…
And currently there isn’t really an option to launch your satellite as a hobby user.

Does GPS even work in LEO?

My opinion is that it is an interesting idea but I don’t see the need.

There is work in progress here:

They are looking for help,

For the success of the project we are looking for resources to accelerate the writing and debugging of the code that have already had experience in the field of space software development.


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