Ardupilot has option for Spectrum SRLX2 protocol?

I couldn’t find a serial6 protocol option in Mission Planner for my Spektum receiver that uses SRLX2. Am I out of luck

Page down to Spektrum SRXL2 Receivers:
Spectrum SRLX2

Yep, tried what it said with my Matek F765 and Spektrum 4651T.

  • Set [SERIAL6_PROTOCOL] = 23
  • Set [SERIAL6_OPTIONS]= 12
  • Set [RSSI_TYPE] = 3
  • Set [BRD_ALT_CONFIG] = 1
    Also tried the serial6_options = 20 for pin swap and half duplex as mention (oddly enough the suggested option 12 doesn’t even exist in mission planner as a combination of boxes

12 is Half Duplex and Swap.

The pop-up box fills a 20 instead of 12 for Half Duplex and Swap which is what you would expect from a bit summation. You can hand fill a 12 for the option but that doesn’t work either. Maybe that’s the software glitch since I don’t see any post successfully using SRXL2.

Lots of threads with people successfully using SRXL2. I am running SRXL2 on two of my quads, the problem will be with your config.

  • if you have connected the signal wire to UART TX then you need _OPTIONS = 4
  • if you have connected the signal wire to UART RX then you need _OPTIONS = 12

The latter will only work on F7 and H7

I have a Spektrum 4651T for testing and it works fine. Note that the RX’s are quite power hungry and sensitive to weird pull ups/pull downs, so make sure the 5v rail can provide enough power and try and use a bare UART

I may have picked up a bad F765 because I reloaded stable 4.0.9, stripped all peripherals, tried several bare UARTS option 4 and 12 with protocol 23. Neither my Spektrum micro or my 4651T worked although both worked elsewhere. Parameters list below.
ardupilot orig parameter list.param (20.1 KB)

This feature is only available in 4.1

OK, thanks for the help. That was going to be what I would try next.

I tried using the build called latest but it didn’t work. Iss there a preliminary 4.1 build I could download or would I need to build it myself with latest code people are working on?f If not is there an estimate on when 4.1 will be out there?

For plane 4.1beta4 is out - try that