ArduPilot gets https everywhere

(This post isn’t about the “Https everywhere” tool, I just get the image as it suits the post)

Hello everyone,

Just a small post to announce you some change on our websites.
Thanks to the hard work from @tridge @@brunoolivieri and @DavidBuzz (and surely some others in the shadow and supporting wives), we get HTTPS support on all our websites !
That won’t make more difference on all day usage but will prevent you to have the famous “Insecure Web page” warning on future release from your favorite browser !

Most of the transition is already done, but there are still some place to adapt for https. It should be completed in the next days.

Many thanks to our team that handle this transition.

Have a nice (secure) weekend !


thanks @khancyr! The conversion is now complete, so if anyone notices us serving insecure content or breakage related to the change then please add a reply here letting us know