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ArduPilot flying 3D aircraft, including hovering

(Mark Whitehorn) #41

you should ask that question on the thread where the “cat” is being discussed

(Top Gun17) #42

Hello :slight_smile:

Now i have played with my simulator a while and get finally hoover mode :slight_smile:

But now i have problem, my right joistick stays at left, and goes there up and down and so on?
Thats why my plane in sumualtion also rotates? Does anybody know what is wrong, why i can controll this joystick?


Also my plane strongly shakes, yeah, it stays in air, doesnt fall, but it shakes every possible way? What should i check to get shake free hoovering?


(tridge) #43

The joystick display in RF is mapped to RC inputs being sent by ArduPilot, which can be very different from what is happening on the real joystick

(Top Gun17) #44

Can anyone describe me a servo outputs if i have one engine, 2 ailerons, rudder and elevon?

Also do get the hoovering do i have to enable hover just like Dual motor tailsitter?