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ArduPilot flying 3D aircraft, including hovering

(James Pattison) #21

The GitHub change log will tell you, if you really want to know, but it doesn’t really matter - I suggest just using latest stable. The code is always improving, particularly with regard to newer features.
If you’re really asking whether it is available in the builds for the apm2.x boards: no, it isn’t.

(Top Gun17) #22

I managed to find only date when changes are made, but exactly firmware nur can i also find someplace?

And if i have APM 2.8 then it means i cannot build single engine tailsitter plane? :frowning:

Thank you :slight_smile:

(James Pattison) #23

Firmware is at
No, the vtol fixed wing code is not available for the apm2.x boards. We stopped supporting those several years ago.

(Top Gun17) #24

Thank you James, but if i want to make one engine tailsitter, what controll board i have to buy. I’m newbi at this but i have a great wish to built one of these :slight_smile: Thank you so much James :slight_smile:

(Gary Mortimer) #25

A Pixhawk, flavour of your choice.

(Top Gun17) #26

Thank you, now i have Pixhawk 2 and RealFlight 7.5. When i download newest VTOL firmware, is it possible to try that in Realflight in somehow, to see is it really works? How i upload firmware to simulator, do i need Mission Planner or something?

Very big Thanks :slight_smile:

(Mark Whitehorn) #27

Info on RealFlight simulation is here:

(Top Gun17) #28

On the tutorial, everywhere are RF8, i hope this is possible to try in RF7 or 7.5 also?

(Mark Whitehorn) #29

The RF7.5 FlightAxis binary was never released to the public.
But it’s well worth the $99 to buy RF8. It’s available as a digital download on Steam and works with any Windows joystick, in addition to the RealFlight controllers.

(Top Gun17) #30

Okei, so i guess when Mr.Tridge used this in video, he used his own FlightAxis binary? In video i can see there are RF 7.5 or do i have to go to an eye doctor :slight_smile:

(Top Gun17) #31

I need to test VTOL software, iwant to build same plane. I guess if i build one and download firmware, then is this firmware like i say plub and play or do i have to change many things? And also how important is plane measurements, if i use same plane like Tridge, then it’s okei i guess. But if i build my own, then how difficult is to get working firmware to my plane?

Sorry, if dumb question, i’m totally newbie right now, but learning :slight_smile:

(Mark Whitehorn) #32

Exactly which airplane are you talking about? If it’s a single motor like the AddictionX, or a twin vectored setup like the “Cat”, the current firmware should support it. There are quite a few parameters to adjust though, and if you build a plane with different dimensions you’ll need to become quite skilled with setting up and tuning. If this is your first attempt to use ArduPilot on a fixed-wing aircraft, that will be a steep learning curve.

(Top Gun17) #33

Okei, i want to built at first singe engine, almost same like AddictionX. So it means if i download firmware and install then it is impossible to flight with that plane with original settings?

(Mark Whitehorn) #34

If your plane is very similar to the AddictionX, then Tridge’s parameters would be a good starting point for VTOL flight modes.

The nice thing about the Addiction is that it should be easy for an experienced RC pilot to set up and fly manually, then gradually progress into fixed-wing and VTOL modes using ArduPilot.

How much experience do you have with RC aircraft?

(Top Gun17) #35

i have low experience and i have project where i have to record, that i have working Plane. Which hovers and then when i switch button, flight mode changes to fixed wing. At the beginning it’s not so important, that it flies perfectly, and are deadly stable and what so ever. I just need to demonstrate, that i can hover and change flight mode to fixed wing. After first stage, i’m going to work on stability. So is this possible with original code?

I have learned flying in simulators, so i guess flying a plane easy way is not a problem to me.

Thank you kd0aij for helping :slight_smile:

(Mark Whitehorn) #36

"demonstrate, that i can hover and change flight mode to fixed wing"
This should be possible without any modifications to the code using a plane
similar to the AddictionX.

(Top Gun17) #37

What exactly you mean similar. Does it mean wing span and all the measures must be same?
For example, if i build some random plane, build myself, cutting it out, then it means if i use firmware there is no possible way to use code?
Or is there some auto calibration mode? :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

(Top Gun17) #38

What i mean to ask, sorry my english isn’t the best, that if i build my own plane which is not very similar? Then this firmware isn’t plug and play? I need to modify many things? Or is there some kind of auto calibration, that calibrates itself? This would be stunning feature :slight_smile:


(Mark Whitehorn) #39

(Top Gun17) #40

Very good, thanks :slight_smile:
One quick dumb question more :slight_smile: I also build “cat” version tailsitter with two engine, but how i change code?
i downloaded original code to my pixhawk 2. What modifications do i have to do to start flying.