ArduPilot Ekranoplan - What could be more fun than mucking about with boats and planes?


Hi @CraigElder ,
Congratulation for your new UAV, that is great… May I know what what Lidar sensor that you use? Is it working good over water during day and night? To my knowledge, some lidar brands can not work well over water… Therefore some people recommend to use Radar than Lidar… How do you think?? May I know what is special features of your new Firmware compared with the Plane firmware?? This is interesting vehicle…
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It is not my plane but you can reach the builder through the YouTube link

Wow, that is a thing of beauty!

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Oh man! This is engineering porn!

Hello @rmackay9 ,
Could you advise what is the proper range finder or Lidar for this vehicle, that works properly over water?? Or should we use dual lidar and infra red?? Or one lidar and one radar? Thank you.

Good work. Are this firmware opensource? If yes where can download it, or get binari for h743-wing.Thank You.

Brilliant!!! That is soooo cooool!!!