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ArduPilot drone featured on PBS Newshour

(Jimmy Oliver) #1

I built this Vulcan hexa for Dropcopter. This system does crop pollination via Mission Planner. Pixhawk 2 with Craft and Theory Flight Deck and Mauch Power system.

Watch the feature:
PBS Newshour Feature

(Shawn) #2

Great article, thanks.
It’s a pity there wasn’t a bit more drone footage and a bit of MissionPlanner - although I realise that’s not the point of the story.
I swear that just listening you can tell it’s a pixhawk and arducopter powered craft - probably because most of the contenders are DJI.

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(Jimmy Oliver) #3

The Hero 7 and mini quads are taking a dent out of DJI. With the looming specter of spying and the relative ease of becoming a “pilot”, drones will continue to get a bad name. I focus on trying to make these robots do real work.

(Jimmy Oliver) #4

Here is some footage of the test flights a day before the shoot. I used a Typhoon H with a Wizard Wand to follow the Hexa. Two drones flying autonomously at once. Nerve racking, but great footage!
Video Link

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(Jeff) #5

Clever application (bees). Congratulations to you and Dropcopter both.

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(James Pattison) #6

Do you think you could add a picture, and we can tag this to the blog? That way it goes to the homepage, and more people might see it :slight_smile:

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(Jimmy Oliver) #7

Ask and you shall receive…

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(rmackay9) #8

Thanks for this link! As a side note, we’re moving towards using “ArduPilot” and then calling the individual vehicle firmwares simply “Plane”, “Copter”, “Rover” so I’ve slightly changed the title, hope that’s OK.

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(Jimmy Oliver) #9

It’s all good. We have been featured on the BBC and FrenchTv all within a two month span. More drones and bots to be built!