Ardupilot development stop?

Hello ardupilot enthusiasts,

Does anyone know the reason why the development on ardupilot firmware did stop since about 8-10 weeks…or am I wrong?
Is there already an ongoing topic in this direction?

Thank you for a hint,


ArduPilot development is cracking along!
This is the ‘pulse’ for the last month:
To summarise it, excluding merges, 26 authors have pushed 208 commits to master and 257 commits to all branches. On master, 202 files have changed and there have been 4,165 additions and 1,096 deletions.
What makes you think that things have slowed or stopped?

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Thank you James,
I have never seen it from this side. I always was “only” checking the beta updates and reactions on some bugs or problems.
Thank you for the information, very interesting.

No worries. FYI the latest Plane beta was 31 October, Rover was 28 October, and a Copter beta is imminent.
Investigating problem reports is always a challenge. Most of the developers are volunteers (which is pretty incredible), and do the best they can. Just finding the reports (spread between here, Facebook, GitHub etc) can take time!

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