ArduPilot developer meetup in Canberra 18th/19th February

We are having an ArduPilot developer meeting in Canberra on the 18th and 19th of February 2017. The meetup is to take advantage of a visit by Randy Mackay, our lead multicopter developer, to Australia. We have about a dozen ArduPilot developers who has said they are coming, and we have booked a conference room at the Diplomat hotel to give us a spot for presentation and discussions.
We can take a few more people at the meeting, but the meetup is by invitation only as space in the conference room is strictly limited. If you would like to attend then please email the dev team at
There will probably be an opportunity for some demo flights at the event, so please also let us know what aircraft you may be bringing.
Preference will be given to people who have contributed to ArduPilot development, but we would also welcome some people who are using ArduPilot in interesting ways.
Travel assistance for members of the ArduPilot dev team may also be possible. Please ask in your email.
Developers who are coming so far include:

  • Randy Mackay
  • Leonard Hall
  • Paul Riseborough
  • David Buzz
  • Grant Morphett
  • Michael Oborne
  • Peter Barker
  • Philip Rowse
  • Andrew Tridgell

Happy Flying!