ArduPilot Developer Conference, Shenzhen / China 21th June 2019

What is ArduPilot Conference - Shenzhen?

ArduPilot Conference - Shenzhen, June 21st 2019, is an event for users, manufacturers, and developers who are working on unmanned systems, specifically those using or seeking to use the ArduPilot framework. Autonomous vehicles using hardware such as Pixhawk (and all variants), Emlid Edge, Kakute, The Cube, and many other controller boards from manufacturers such as jDrones, Drotek, MatekSys, CUAV, mRobotics, RobSense, Holybro, Hex and Emlid are fully compatible with ArduPilot.

ArduPilot Conference - Shenzhen is a great way to get trusted, contemporary information about new developments, the ArduPilot Roadmap, how to interact more deeply with the world’s leading and biggest open unmanned control system development operations, and how your company could benefit through working with the ArduPilot team to fast track bringing your unmanned vehicles to market.

Event will be help along with 3rd Drone World Congress 2019 and 4th Shenzhen UAV EXPO

3rd Drone World Congress 2019 Invitation / Schedule


ArduPilot developer conference, Shenzhen
21st Day Talks:

  • Non-GPS Navigation
  • Object Avoidance
  • UAVCAN Hardware systems
  • Building industrial solutions with Drones
  • Onboard LUA scripting
  • TECS Tuning
  • Drone swarm control and networks: Challenge and opportunity
  • Porting ArduPIlot to a new board, ChibOS/HWDEF
  • How to use LiDAR on Drones
  • The Application and future of cloud drones
  • New S-Curve based multi-rotor navigation controller

Event Speakers:

  • Jani Hirvinen, ArduPilot
  • Randy Mackay, ArduPIlot
  • Tom Pittenger, ArduPilot
  • Leonard Hall, ArduPilot
  • Luis Vale Goncalves, ArduPilot
  • Steven Xie, CUAV
  • Yuan Haishan, Benewake
  • Jay Jie, RoboSense

Can you send a link for registration pls

For foreign visitors it is better to use email that is provided on flyer and chinese users please use QR code

Here is one Chinese registration page from CPS

Qr brings you to the same web page in Chinese.