ArduPilot Developer Conference Oct 25th ~ 27 2024 in Kaga Japan

As mentioned in the past few monthly updates, this year’s ArduPilot developer conference will be held in Kaga, Ishikawa Japan from Oct 25th to 27th. As with previous years the conference will be a mix of presentations, live demonstrations and lots of discussion including what we should do next.

To keep the numbers manageable, in-person attendance is limited to ArduPilot “core” developers and Partner companies but we will be live streaming presentations and hopefully even some of the demonstrations.

If you plan to come, please add your name to the spreadsheet linked from the top of the AP Discord “conf-2024” chat (if you can’t find it, please contact Randy)

Getting there:

  • Komatsu airport (KMQ) is about 20km from the main hotel and has direct flights from Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei. Connections through Haneda are also possible.
  • Kagaonsen Station is about 3 hours by bullet train from Tokyo station (use the “hokuriku shinkansen” line)


There are basically two hotels and a BnB to choose from. Bookings can be made through Hill-Tip travel agency. We plan to provide a shuttle bus between the two hotels in the morning and evenings.

We have a limited number of rooms in an AirBnB for core developers. Please tell Randy if you would like one of these.

Rental cars can also be booked through Hill-Tip travel agency.


We very much encourage attendees to bring a vehicle (copter, plane, rover, boat, etc) to demonstrate or just to have fun with. For flying vehicles they will need to be registered though so please fill in this form and return to Randy.

Here are the three available demonstration areas

Japan Visa:

Many visitors do not require a visa for a short-term stay (see country list). For those requiring an invitation letter please contact Rishabh Singh from the AP core dev team.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to the organisers (see below) and/or ask questions in the ArduPilot Discord “conf-2024” channel.

  • Randy from AP core dev team
  • Katsumata-san from DroneJapan