ArduPilot Dev Conference 2023 - Join us virtually

Hi all

The ArduPilot team is back together in Canberra, for the annual Developers conference.

This year we have quite a few attendees, and we want to share our discussions and presentations with the general community.

So join us at the YT live stream ArduPilot - YouTube

Please be aware of the timezones, but if you miss any of the talks, these will be made available as a recording.

Thanks for attending.


Friday morning session: Dev Conf 2023 - Friday Morning - YouTube
Friday afternoon session: ArduPilot Dev Conf 2023 - Friday Afternoon - YouTube
Saturday morning: ArduPilot DevConf 2023 - Saturday Morning - YouTube
Saturday afternoon: ArduPilot Dev Conf 2023 - Saturday Afternoon - YouTube
Sunday morning: ArduPilot Dev Conf 2023 Sunday Morning - YouTube
Sunday afternoon: ArduPilot Dev Conf 2023 - Sunday Afternoon - YouTube


For all that want to know more the talks of the Developers Conference 2023 are now available on a YouTube playlist…

Enjoy and be with the dev team next year😀

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