Ardupilot debugging with black magic probe

I setted up the arm-none-eabi-gdb and connected the black magic probe with pixhawk2.

the debugger working well. code tracing and check some values…

Actually, I want to debug the pixhawk2 that connected GCS(mission planner or qground control)

but it seems that It isn’t possible to connect GDB and GCS with black magic probe at the same time…

How can I debug the pixhaws that connected GCS??

Additionally, How can I fix the bad logging error on GCS??
Format the SD card is not work.
Initialize the parameters is not work
Downgrade the firmware is not work too…
How can I fix it??
Please guide me…

I am using Pixhawk cube orange and I want to debug. I bought a black magic probe card for this, but I could not debug using this card.

How did you debug? Can you help me? You have progressed to the stage of entering debug, but I have not progressed that far.