ArduPilot Copter Consultants Available?


I am new to this forum so sorry if this is repeated. We have recently decided to switch to using PixHawk hardware with ArduPilot for our UAV platform. We are looking to get some expert information and feedback. As such I am looking to hire a Ardupilot expert to act as a consultant to help us with our system for a few hours a week over several weeks and if required potentially a week in person.

If anyone is interested or knows of someone if they could contact me that would be greatly appreciated.


Where are you based Pascal?

We are based in Canada although if experienced enough we are willing to work with anyone international. If justified and with the right expert we are open to bringing someone in for a week also.

Hi Pascal,

I was one of the lead developers of Arducopter, and am located near Toronto. Nobody in Canada knows the system better than me and I’m already doing consulting work for commercial customers so I can definitely serve your needs. Please drop me an email at:


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For sure Robert is the right guy. I’m in Brazil so that would be a long trip… If you need any help I’m glad to assist whenever I can.

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Where in Canada are you located?

Pascal: you are luky to have Rob near you.