Ardupilot controller issue after esc calibration (X QUAD)


I have a ardupilot 2.6 board. After going through all the calibrations. I do the all in one calibration for the ESC. I test the controls which work all fine. I then remove the battery to return the board to normal mode. I put back the battery and arm the drone .
I can control the throttle for a while and suddenly I lose control of the throttle the motor start spinning fast until the suddenly stop. When I try arm the drone again the motors spin once and suddenly stops. When I cconnect a usb to mission planner and connect the battery and arm the drone through mission planner everything works fine. But as soon as I just have the battery connected and arm the drone I can control the motors for a few second before I lose control and motor suddenly increase speed and suddenly stop

Hope you can help.


Post a log file pleaseā€¦