Ardupilot Consultant Needed to Help with Non-GPS Navigation

We are looking for someone to assist us with non-GPS navigation.

Our primary goal is to use our proprietary onboard positioning system for drone navigation, and later, compare the navigation performance of the drone achieved with our proprietary system against GPS positioning.

  • We are looking for a proper way to interface our positioning module with the drone software.
    • Due to our limited experience with the drone navigation stack and its requirements, we ended up replicating the interface of an NMEA GPS module to interface our module. But it doesn’t allow us to incorporate the latency, error metrics and positioning rates that are specific to our module.
  • We are also looking for effective ways to test or simulate drone flights based on our positioning system.
    • Our positioning system is still under development and requires tuning of some parameters for accuracy. It will be beneficial if we could playback positioning data based on different parameters and check the effects on the drone flight.

As of now, we haven’t settled on the drone software stack and are open to PX4 or Ardupilot.

If you have experience in this area we would like to talk to you. Send responses to

Thank you,