Ardupilot Configurations

I want to change configure settings of cube orange, and by change i mean u want to disable on chip sensors. How and from where do i change these configurations?
Also i have created a separate library of different INS which is not supported and it has successfully compiled but now i want to change the configuration of the ardupilot to let it use the external sensor.

Just set the INS_USEx parameters to 0

Thank you got it but there are three, do i disable all of them?

Which one is the external one? Do not disable that one.

What type of external IMU do you use?

are you working to fly in GPS denied area?

Okay, is this the correct way to disable internal sensors or is there any other way?

I am using MEMS type IMU

My motive here is to bypass the internal sensors and use data provided by extenal sensors.

Yes, that is the correct way to disable them.

Most IMUs use MENS. We need proper details, not vague answers.

Thank you for your response on the disabling part and Apologies for the confusion i was replying to @junaid313 for the type of IMU being used. :innocent:

We need more details What is the EXACT type, make and model of the IMU used.

Please refer the link for the product details:

And as you said to use the parameter INS_IMU_USE but its not appearing in the parameters list. Kindly help on this.