ArduPilot Compile Fails ON Windows

The Ardupilot builds is failing on Windows with the error below - I was able to build and bring the software up on Linux with no issues.

/tmp/ In function ZN15DataFlash_C lass20Log_Write_ParametersEv': /home/tmcclure/ardupilot/libraries/DataFlash/LogFile.cpp:718: undefined referenc e toDataFlash_Class::Log_Write_Parameter(AP_Param const*, AP_Param::ParamToken const&, ap_var_type)’
/home/tmcclure/ardupilot/libraries/DataFlash/LogFile.cpp:718: undefined referenc e to `DataFlash_Class::Log_Write_Parameter(AP_Param const*, AP_Param::ParamToken const&, ap_var_type)'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
C:/cygwin/home/tmcclure/ardupilot/mk/ recipe for target ‘/tm p/’ failed
make: *** [/tmp/] Error 1

Any help will be appreciated.

I don’t compile on windows but have you tried the usual of updating the code? So from the ardupilot directory type
git pull --rebase
git submodule update

Thanks, Grant.