Ardupilot compatibility with my own flight control card (+)

Hello Everyone…

I am Omar, from Turkey. I have been working on unmanned aerial vehicles and their autonomous systems for a long time. I am planning to design my own flight control card this year. We are working with my team to do this. The issue we are stuck on is about the software of our card.

How can I use ardupilot with the card I prepared? If I can’t use Mission Planner, should I create my own autonomous?

Your thoughts are very valuable to me, please help. :pray:


Could you be more specific about your board ?
Please provide schematics and details and look here for porting to specific hardware:

@amilcarlucas can you answer now?

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yeap, now it works :slight_smile:

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You are the only one so far that reported such a board problem.
How good was your 5V power supply?

I had all the feeds of the circuit correct. But I don’t understand the source of the problem. I heard the F series is better quality