Ardupilot bin file PIQP/R/Y format problem

I used to tune the PID values ​​based on the fit of the ATT.DesPitch/ATT.DesRoll/ATT.DesYaw and ATT.Pitch/ATT.Roll/ATT.Yaw curves to the P and I values. There were no obvious problems when flying after tuning.
But I recently saw the parameters of PIQP/PIQR/PIQY, and the content also mentioned information about PID. I feel that PID can be tuned according to PIQP/PIQR/PIQY, but I have not tuned PID according to this format. Someone Do you understand this format?
I hope someone who knows can give me some pointers or recommend some relevant information for me to learn on my own.
*Currently, the only unit seen for PIQP is rad/s.
Thanks in advance!!

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